Sunday, July 08, 2018

Most Of The World Has A Poor Opinion Of Trump

We know that Trump's likability and job approval numbers are upside-down in the United States, and are unlikely to improve (since the public doesn't think he is honest or qualified). What does the rest of the world think about Trump? It turns out that his numbers in most countries are even worse than in the United States.

Confidence in the U.S. presidency has dropped from 64% under President Obama to only 22% under Donald Trump. And his unpopularity has hurt the reputation of this country -- causing it to fall from a favorable rating of 64% under Obama to 49% under Trump.

The survey also showed that most people in other countries disapprove of Trump's policies, and attribute negative characteristics to him -- with 75% saying he is arrogant, 65% saying he is intolerant, and 62% saying he is dangerous.

The chart below shows how the citizens of each country surveyed view Trump as compared to Obama. Only two countries view Trump more favorably than Obama -- Russia and Israel. All of the others viewed Obama more favorably -- most by a wide margin.

These chart are from a Pew Research Center global survey in 2017.

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