Friday, July 27, 2018

Only Republicans Affected By Trump's Attacks On The FBI

The American public has a favorable view of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) -- with about 65% viewing them favorably and only 26% having an unfavorable opinion. That's about the same as it was back in 2010. But there has been a change in who views them favorably or unfavorably.

The reason for that change is Donald Trump's repeated attacks on that organization. Afraid of what they might find that would be detrimental or illegal in the way he campaigned in 2016, or the way he conducted his financial dealings. He has tried to make the FBI look like they are biased against him and are conducting a political "witch hunt".

His attacks have affected how Republicans (who seem willing to believe whatever lie he tells them) view the agency. Back in 2010, about 71% of Republicans had a favorable view of the FBI. This year, only 49% of Republicans have a favorable view -- a drop of 22 points.

But that change has only been among Republicans. Among Independents, the view has remained very steady -- 67% in 2010 and 65% in 2018 (a difference that is not statistically significant). Among Democrats, the favorable view of the FBI has actually risen by 9 points (from 68% in 2010 to 77% in

These numbers are from a recent Pew Research Center survey -- done between July 11th and 15th of a national sample of 1,007 adults, with a 3.7 point margin of error.

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