Sunday, August 05, 2018

A Third Poll Shows The Senate Race In Texas Is Close

In the last few days, I brought you the results of two polls showing the U.S. Senate race in Texas is very close -- closer for a Democrat than in the last couple of decades. The Texas Lyceum Poll had Republican Ted Cruz ahead of Democrat Beto O'Rourke by only 2 points (within the poll's margin of error). The Quinnipiac University Poll had Cruz ahead of O'Rourke by 6 points (still a close result).

Now a third poll has been released on the Texas race. It is the Public Policy Polling Survey -- done on August 1st and 2nd of a sample of 797 Texas voters, with a 3.5 point margin. It shows O'Rourke trailing by only 4 points (46% Cruz and 42% O'Rourke). Once again, that's a margin that can be overcome in the next few months.

Texas is still a red state, and Cruz has to be the favorite (because he is the incumbent Republican), but these polls should give Democrats a good feeling. With some hard work and a large turnout, this is a race that could be won by Democrats.

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