Sunday, August 12, 2018

Trump Testifying Really Is A "Fake" News Story

We have been subjected to months of a "fake" news story -- the discussion by cable news talking heads on whether Donald Trump will testify in the Mueller investigation.

The latest from the Trump lawyers is that, while Trump really wants to testify, they believe Mueller is just trying to lay a perjury trap for Trump. That may be the stupidest argument they have come up with in all these many months. Former Michigan Rep. John Dingell puts it most succinctly by saying, "It's only a perjury trap if you're a damn liar".

That's the problem that Trump and his lawyers have though -- Trump is a liar. He lies incessantly about every thing.

The truth is that Trump is not going to testify. He has never testified under oath in his life without being forced to do so by a court. And he's not going to do it this time either, because he is guilty of crimes (obstruction, conspiracy, and probably more).

Why all the talk about how much he wants to testify? Pure public relations garbage. He wants to be able to claim that he wanted to testify, but was not able to do so because the investigators wouldn't treat him fairly. That will probably be accepted by his deplorable base, but most Americans will know that he can't testify because he's a lair and guilty as sin.

The whole thing is a public relations dance between Trump and Mueller. Why is Mueller participating? Because when Trump claims he wanted to testify, Mueller can come back with the fact that he was given every chance to do so. And Mueller also knows it would be useless to subpoena Trump. Even if the subpoena was upheld, Trump would just plead the Fifth -- making the whole endeavor useless.

The media needs to stop covering this "fake" story. Anyone with half a brain has known for quite a while that Trump is NOT going to testify.

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