Thursday, October 11, 2018

Republican Tax Cuts Are Still Unpopular With Voters

When they passed their tax cuts several months ago, the Republicans were sure they would be so popular with voters that it would save them in the midterm elections (in spite of the unpopularity of Trump and their votes to damage Obamacare). They were wrong. The tax reform still has more opposition than support (46% to 39%).

The public wasn't as stupid as Republicans thought. They saw that the rich and the corporations got most of the cuts. And they never believed that corporations would pass those cuts on the workers. They were right. The corporations just used that money to buy back their own stock (raising the price of that stock and benefitting the rich stockholders). Workers got nothing -- either from a tax cut or a wage raise.

The charts above reflect the results of a newly released Gallup Poll -- done between September 24th and 30th of a national sample of 1,462 adults, with a 3 point margin of error.

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