Friday, October 12, 2018

U.S. Pays More And Gets Less Health Care Than Others

The Commonwealth Fund does a health care survey of the 11 richest countries every three years. The charts below are from the survey done in 2017.

Note that, once again, the United States is rated last (11th out of the eleven nations). We pay more for health care (per citizen) and get less for those dollars. Not all citizens get the needed health care and we have a higher mortality rate.

This is inexcusable. We are the richest nation of all, and we should be providing adequate health care for all of our citizens (like the other nations do).

It is time for some form of universal health care to be established in the United States (Medicare for all?) -- a universal system that will lower costs and cover all American citizens.

The Republicans like to claim we cannot afford to do that. That's ridiculous! We already pay more per capita than those other nations do, and they provide universal health care for all their citizens.

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