Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Early Voting Among The Young More Than Double 2014

One of the big arguments among political pundits this year was what would happen with the youth vote (those under 30). Would they turn out in bigger numbers than normal, or would they mostly stay at home as they have in the past?

Some polls have shown that young voters are more enthused than in past midterms, and early voting totals seem to bear that out. The early voting totals from Catalist (as reported in The Washington Post) show young voters are turning out to vote in record numbers for a midterm election. In 2014, about 1,027,499 young people voted early. This year that number has more than doubled -- to 2,314,126.

Will this large turnout of young voters continue on election day? I believe it will, and that bodes well for Democrats (since young voters, more than any other age group, support Democrats).

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