Sunday, April 12, 2020

Most People Say Religion Shouldn't Be Exempt From Closing

The chart above reflects the results of the latest Economist / YouGov Poll -- done between April 5th and 7th of a national sample of 1,500 adults (including 1,147 registered voters). The margin of error is 3.1 points for adults and 3.3 points for registered voters.

Since this nation is in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, most states have issued stay-at-home orders. That's because public health officials say the virus is most easily spread in large groups of people -- and the people in those groups can then carry the virus to their families, friends, and acquaintances. By initiating social distancing rules, it is hoped to keep the virus from spreading as fast.

That poses a problem for christians, who are supposed to be celebrating Easter today. Easter is a time that the churches are full. Fortunately, most religious officials know it's just too dangerous to have their congregations meet, and are abiding with the orders prohibiting large (or even small) gatherings.

But it's hard to get everyone to agree -- even during a dangerous pandemic. There are a few religious officials who plan on holding Easter services and hoping for a crowd to attend. They seem not to know the danger that poses (even to people not among their congregations).

But those ministers, and their congregations, are outliers. Most Americans (about 77%) say churches and other religious institutions should not be exempt from closing during the pandemic.

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