Friday, March 17, 2006

Three Years and Counting.....

This coming sunday marks the third anniversary of the Iraqi War. Have we accomplished anything at all? If our purpose there is to defeat terrorism, then the war is a complete failure. By destroying all Iraqi authority, we have created a perfect breeding and training ground for the terrorists. We have also removed all restraints on long-simmering religious and ethnic hatreds in Iraq. This has placed us smack dab in the middle of a civil war. If you watch the main-stream media in this country, then you are getting only part of the story. It is really much worse. In the final analysis, I believe the Iraqi War has helped the terrorists. It has also turned most of the world against us. I cannot see how this war has made our country any safer.

If we are fighting now to help the Iraqis, then again we have failed completely. We have not kept our promise about helping to rebuild the country and most Iraqis are still without basic services. They also live in constant danger of being kidnapped and shot or blown up. We are not protecting them and the Iraqi police are ineffective. In fact, a large segment of the police are insurgents and the rest are little more than targets. We also hear a lot about the new "democratically elected" government. Of course, I don't know how democratic an election could be when all candidates had to be approved by the occupying Americans. This government won't last one day if American troops leave.

I hear many people [even democrats] say we can't leave now because it would be bad for the Iraqis. I have news. It is already terrible for the citizens of Iraq and our staying is not making it any better. Has anyone thought to ask the Iraqis what they want? In recent polls, a huge majority of Iraqis want us to leave immediately. I agree with them. It is time to admit this was a colossal mistake and bring our troops home. NOW.

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