Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kinky's Donations Are Small But Many

Paul Burka over at Burkablog has an interesting post on Kinky Friedman's list of large contributors. It turns out that Kinky only has three people who have given him substantial donations, and two of them are his long-time friends. The donors and their amounts are:

Barbara H. Bowman, San Antonio, medical research, $75,000
John McCall, Spicewood, beauty supplies, $225,000 [old friend]
Mark Shurley, Fredericksburg, attorney, $51,200 [old friend]

Kinky raised $1.55 million in the last election reporting period, almost all of it in small donations. About half of the donations came via the internet:

sales of merchandise [T-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.] - $515,000
online donations - $241,000

Burka quotes a Kinky staffer as saying, "The other candidates get thousands from a special few. We get a few dollars from thousands of special people."

Later in the year, Willie Nelson , Jimmy Buffet, and others will be giving concerts to raise money for Kinky. Kinky is not tied to any corporate or monied interests. The support he gets comes from ordinary citizens, and they are the only people he must answer to. If you would like to donate to Kinky, you can access his website here, or on our blogroll.

The Victoria Advocate online newspaper is currently running an unscientific online poll asking the question, "If you had to decide between Rick Perry and Kinky Friedman for Texas governor, who would you vote for?" Here are the results so far:

Rick Perry..........16%
Kinky Friedman..........84%
1456 total votes

Doesn't look like Perry has much support down south. I think with the Tran-Texas Corridor opposition picking up steam, we're going to start seeing Perry's numbers going down all over the state. I believe Perry has misjudged the public's adamant opposition to his tollway boondoggle. This issue may well change the dynamics of the race, and give Perry's opponents a boost. I think Kinky will come out on top. What do you think?

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  1. From the TTC Terrell hearing it sounds like Strayhorn is the alternative to Perry right now. I dont think she can hold up though, I see Bell picking up steam. She does have the corridor watch people backing her though, and they were very direct in saying Bell hasnt said anything about the TTC.


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