Monday, September 18, 2006

Controversial "Assassination" Film Wins Award

The very controversial British film "Death of a President" has won the International Critics Prize at the 31st Toronto International Film Festival. The critics said they liked the film because of the "audacity with which it distorts reality to reveal a larger truth". The film, made by British director Gabriel Range, ignited a storm of protest even before it was shown. That is because the film depicts George Bush being assassinated in October of 2007. Archival footage of President Bush is blended with fictional scenes, and actors have been digitally inserted into some footage of Bush and his entourage.

The movie shows Bush being shot by a sniper on a visit to Chicago, and the investigation of the fictional shooting. The film is slated to be shown on British TV on October 9th, and then it will be released to theaters.

Range said, "I'm thrilled that the film is going to be shown in theaters both here and in the U.S. in the near future. That's proof that people can see beyond the premise and see that it's a film about this post-9/11 world that we live in."

Range may be thrilled that his film is going to be shown, but he has no idea how the right-wingers will scream and carry on when the film reaches America. I don't know if I'll watch this film or not, but it sure should be fun watching the wingers reaction.

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