Monday, September 18, 2006

Louisiana Police Cite Willie For Marijuana

Is there anybody in the world that doesn't know Willie Nelson smokes marijuana? The Louisiana State Police would like us to believe they were surprised when they stopped Willie's bus for a traffic violation and smelled the demon weed. They said they then performed a "commercial vehicle inspection" and found one and a half pounds of marijuana and a small amount of mushrooms. Willie and the others in the bus were written misdemeanor citations and then released.

Sounds kind of like shooting fish in a barrel to me. But I do have to question the "commercial vehicle inspection". Since when is a private vehicle deemed to be a commercial vehicle? Willie doesn't sell tickets to the general public and try to make money off his bus. It is just a mode of transportation to get Willie and his band to their place of work and back. If this makes it a commercial vehicle, then the car you drive to work in would also be classified as a commercial vehicle. Ridiculous.

Why don't they admit they saw an easy target rolling down the road and decided to pad their stats and get a little publicity. Being surprised that Willie has pot is like being surprised that the sun rises in the morning.

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  1. Yup.

    'Bout what I said, except with less cussing.

    They were sending a message, and I'm sure that Willie understood it quite well. He prolly just didn't give much of a fuck.


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