Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Late Post

I'm sorry I wasn't able to post earlier today. I'm going to blame Southwest Airlines. I had to catch a flight after work, and wound up spending much of the night waiting for Southwest to cure some mechanical problems and get a plane to Amarillo. By the time I got to my destination, it was too late to do anything.

My destination was Austin. That's one of the perks of my job -- they send me to Austin every now and then. I do love Austin. I believe it's one of the best cities in the country. The bloggers attending Netroots Nation next summer are going to find that out for themselves. I'll bet most of them will want to come back. Austin has that effect on many people.

I had some great Mexican food after work today. The truth is that you can find great Mexican food nearly anywhere in Texas. But for some reason, it just seems to taste better in Austin. Must be the ambiance.

But I do have one complaint for you Austinites -- your traffic. It seems to get worse every time I come. You have the traffic problems of a much larger city. As much as I love Austin, I must admit the awful traffic is starting to detract from the city's magic.

I hope you find a solution to this problem soon. But who the hell convinced you that toll roads were a solution? Whoever it was, you should run him out of town.


  1. So, where'd you eat? Guero's? Fonda San Miguel? or my personal favorite, Evita's?

    And yeah, I'm afraid you're right; the traffic seems to get worse every passing month. It's actually just as quick for the most part, I've found, if you don't even get on the freeways, especially I-35, with much less swearing and elevation of blood pressure.

  2. It wasn't a well-known place - the Cancun Cafe on north I-35. I think I was the only customer who's primary language wasn't Spanish. But their "carne guisada" will literally melt in your mouth.


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