Friday, November 27, 2009

A Novel Concept

This is the newest bus ad in Great Britain. I like it.


  1. Eli Stanley Jones (1884-1973), an American missionary to India, put it best: "God doesn't have any grandchildren."

    Homeschooling advocate Michael Pearl elaborated on this thought:

    "There is no such thing as a second generation Christian. The battle of faith must be fought alone, again and again, each time as if it were the first."

    "Too late, parents are discovering that just because THEY loved the Lord and THEY had faith and raised their children in a Christian home, there is no guarantee that their children will be true disciples of Jesus Christ. Faith and commitment to Christ is a personal choice that is no more automatic than learning Egyptian hieroglyphics. Children of the repentant must alone walk the road of humility and repentance to partake of the faith of their fathers." [Emphasis added]

    As a Christian, I felt an obligation to live out the principles of my faith as best I could in front of my stepdaughters, but ultimately, the choice is theirs to make, just as it was mine.


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