Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Honored By A Fellow Blogger

One of my fellow political bloggers has bestowed the Sunshine Award on me. And I consider it a real honor since it comes from a writer and blog that I read regularly and have a lot of respect for -- Larry at Woodgate's View. The award is given by a blogger to other bloggers that inspire their work, and it is truly humbling to think I can inspire the work of others.

But the honor comes with some rules. I'm supposed to reveal 10 things about myself, and pass it on to as many as ten other bloggers who inspire me. So, here goes:

Favorite Color -- It has to be green, the color of life.
Favorite Food -- Texas Chili, nothing is better (and let me say that real chili does not contain beans, carrots, or sugar).
Best Moment -- Actually four equal best moments, the births of my four children (3 girls, 1 boy).
Worst Moment -- Being shot in the stomach by a carjacker in September 2005, and coming within minutes of dying.
Age -- Let's just say I qualified for Medicare on my last birthday.
Favorite Condiment -- Salsa Picante, and I am addicted to the stuff.
Passionate Belief -- The idea that all people have worth and deserve equal rights.
Favorite Sports Team -- Dallas Cowboys, hands down.
Education -- B.S. in Social Sciences from Texas Wesleyan University.
Religion -- I have been an atheist for nearly 40 years.

Now for the bloggers that I wish to honor. I list them in no particular order. They are all regular reads of mine, and they all bring a bit of sunshine to my life and help to keep me honest and relevant (and they represent a range of sexes, races/colors, ages, and sexual preferences). The names of their blogs are:

Brains and Eggs
Texas Liberal
Yellowdog Granny
Redeye's Front Page
Under The Mountain Bunker
Lesbians In My Soup
Parsley's Pics
On My Mind
Random Musings
A Sane Break From The Insanity

And yes, I know that's 11 blogs. I've always had a problem following rules.


  1. Ahem! Aren't you forgetting something, er, or, someone?

    Oh no, say it ain't so!

  2. Woohoo!

    Thank you, Ted.

    Now we'll get to see how good I am at following rules...

  3. Thanks for being a good sport and going along with this Ted. Your blog is an important one and needs to get all the attention it can get, in my opinion, and that's why you were one of my 10 selections.

    I know most bloggers, including myself, don't always put much value on these type of awards but I think they do serve a good purpose in getting the needed attention a good blogger deserves.

    Keep up the great work.



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