Monday, April 29, 2013

Cowboys Sign 11 Undrafted Free Agents

The draft is over, and the Cowboys did get seven players -- who will hopefully contribute to making the team better. But they didn't stop there. Immediately after the draft ended the Cowboys got on the phone searching for undrafted players who might help the team. They have signed 11 of those undrafted free agents.

Of course, the chances of those free agents making the team is pretty slim. But the Cowboys are better than most teams at finding a few really good players from the players not drafted. Good examples of this on the current squad are Tony Romo (quarterback) and Miles Austin (wide receiver), both of whom the Cowboys signed to a free agent contract after the draft had ended. So maybe a player or two will make the squad from the eleven free agents signed this year. Here are the players they signed:

Jakar Hamilton (safety)
South Carolina State

Dalton Williams (quarterback)

Brandon Magee (linebacker)
Arizona State

Kendial Lawrence (running back)

Devin Smith (cornerback)

Dustin Harris (cornerback)
Texas A&M

Cameron Lawrence (linebacker)
Mississippi State

Greg Herd (wide receiver)
Eastern Washington

Paul Freedman (fullback/tight end)

Taylor Reed (linebacker)

Jeff Heath (defensive back)
Saginaw Valley State

Now it will be interesting to see if any of these players (or the drafted players) make it through training camp and on to the season roster.


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