Sunday, August 18, 2013

GOP Votes Against Debates On CNN/NBC

The GOP had threatened to throw a temper tantrum if they couldn't make CNN and NBC stop their planned shows about Hillary Clinton (CNN is planning a documentary on Hillary, and the entertainment division of NBC has a movie of her life in the works). Now they have followed through on that threat.

A couple of days ago the Republican National Committee unanimously voted to ban the two cable news networks from hosting any Republican presidential primary debates in the 2016 election. I think they probably hurt themselves more than the networks though. Since they have banned two of the three cable networks, and the over-the-air networks are not about to sacrifice their programming for debates that have a notoriously low viewership, that means the Republicans are just left with one option -- to put all their debates on Fox News.

That will make the ultra-right-wing viewers happy, since they get all their misinformation from Fox anyway, but it sure isn't the way to get their message out to the vast majority of Americans. In addition, CNN and NBC now know they won't be getting any debates, so they don't have to bend over backwards to be nice to the GOP. This frees them up to actually report the truth about those GOP candidates instead of trying to act like their proposals have any merit.

Frankly, I think the GOP just shot itself in the foot (again), and the reason they did it is because they are terrified at the thought of a Hillary Clinton candidacy. They have been trying to damage her popularity, and this attempt to keep TV shows about her off the air is in that same vein. Unfortunately for them, everything they've tried has failed miserably. And any candidate they put up against Hillary will likely do the same.

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