Thursday, August 15, 2013

Time For Patriot Act To Go

I agree with Bernie again. Free speech is too important for any American to be afraid to say what he thinks (no matter how stupid or offensive it may be). Without free speech, there is no freedom. The Patriot Act must be repealed.

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  1. It's already happening (self-censorship). I practice it when I talk on the phone surf the internet, click links, post tweets, or talk about my political beliefs on facebook. And I am from the boomer generation when we weren't as connected as we are now but we were still wary of the military and the civilian police. I protested the Viet Nam war with my friends from UT-Austin and was terrified that I would be arrested. That was my initial introduction into civics 101 for the 1960s. My dad had a "top secret" clearance and warned me about making my opinions too visible. That was a very scary time. Nothing has really changed except that we can be arrested for being on the wrong website or saying the "NSA targeted" word that will get our phone conversation flagged. Yes, Virginia, we are "living" 1984.


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