Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An Essential Force


  1. Off topic, not least because there is nothing useful to be said in response to the Pope's silliness, are you watching La not-so-Belle France? Amongst many other socialist policies, Hollande has just introduced his 75% tax rate. From 'over here', of course, I shall enjoy a grandstand seat as I watch France slowly gurgle down the toilet. With a bit of luck and a following wind, as France reaches desperation point it should lead to a confrontation with Germany and, one hopes fervently, the break-up of the euro-zone, if not the entire European Community. In the meantime, property prices in London, already rocketing due to the incoming Chinese and Russian 'zillionaires', is expect to go up another 10% to cope with the new French demand. 'Vive la France et vive le socialisme!'

  2. The pope said something intelligent but not accurate.
    He should say "HONEST Trade Unions....." I've seen too many examples of unions that get swelled headed and think they can be as dishonest as the capitalists.


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