Monday, December 30, 2013

Bernie On Defense Spending

Bernie is right, of course. Cuts can and should be made to our military budget. And that money should be used to help hurting Americans, who are still struggling to recover from the Bush recession. I would make a slight alteration to Bernie's statement though -- by replacing the word "judicious" with "significant". We don't just spend a little bit too much on our military -- we spend far too much, and we could cut that bloated budget in half without damaging our national defense.


  1. On the presumption that you favor his (speculative) candidacy for president in 2012...

    Do you favor it if he runs as a Democrat? Do you favor it -- more, less, equally -- if he runs as an independent?

  2. I do NOT want Bernie to run for president -- either as a Democrat or an Independent.


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