Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Cruz Passes Trump As The Choice Of Iowa Republicans

I have remarked in the past about the continuing volatility of the GOP race for the party's presidential nomination -- and it looks like that is still true (at least in Iowa. The chart above reflects the results of the latest Monmouth University Poll -- done between December 3rd and 6th of a random sample of likely Iowa Republican caucus attendees (and has a margin of error of 4.8 points.

Note that Ted Cruz (24%) is now leading among Iowa Republicans -- five points ahead of Donald Trump (19%). And that's not Trump's only problem. Marco Rubio (17%) only trails him by two points (well within the poll's margin of error). Meanwhile, it looks like Ben Carson's moment in the sun is ending as he continues to slide. He now has only 13% support, and seems in danger of slipping even further, to join Bush and Fiorina (and others) as wannabes.

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