Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sad Commentary On America's View Of Terrorism

The chart above should bother all decent Americans. It is from a Rasmussen Poll done on December 2nd and 3rd of a random national sample of 1,000 voters. It seems that 61% of Americans don't believe the Colorado Springs attack on Planned Parenthood was a terrorist attack. They classify it as the action of a mentally ill person.

Now, I'll agree that anyone who attacks and kills innocent victims must have a screw loose, even if it was done for a political reason. But the definition of terrorism is attacking innocent people to defend a political (or religious) agenda -- and that's exactly what they Colorado Springs shooter did. He made that clear after he was captured -- that he was specifically attacked Planned Parenthood to stop them from selling "baby parts" (which was a lie being passed around by right-wing christians).

Are the American people so dense that they now accept the Republican propaganda that only muslims commit terrorist acts? Are they loathe to call him a terrorist because he's a christian (and they don't want to believe their own religion has extremists who commit terrorist acts)? Or are they afraid he might have been spurred to do his dirty work by right-wing politicians and media they like?

Whatever the reason, they are wrong. He was clearly a terrorist (even though white and christian) -- just like the muslim shooters in San Bernardino.


  1. Well of coarse the colorado shooting is not was done by white-male-xtians who go to church and pray to jesus!!!!!
    They are not brown and foreign and pray to the wrong dude.

  2. The Planned Parenthood attack was clear terrorism. The San Bernardino attack is either not terrorism or second generation terrorism. The idea seems to be to spark angry backlash against Muslims, not to terrify a population. (And it worked spectacularly well.) Although at this point, I've about given up on definitions, because the old "terror" basis of terrorism seems to allude most Americans. Robert Lewis Dear is doubtless deranged, but his intent was to terrorize a specific group of people, not to start a war between pro- and anti-choice people. Perhaps the only thing to do is to stop using the word. It now seems as racist as "kike."

  3. I don't use the word terrorist, they ARE CRIMINALS who use deadly force.


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