Sunday, December 06, 2015

There's Important Work To Do First


  1. But it is 'religion' or to be accurate 'dogma' of various types that IS the problem. Their so-called charity giving is public and big enough to make people say 'they do good work' when all that is being done is PR stuff that does little. The dogma of 'no GMO' means no improved crops, the dogma 'no stem cell' mean no major break throughs. The dogma of 'no condoms' means diseases continue! The dogma of 'NO contraceptives' means larger, uneducated, poor' suffering for no good reason groups of people. Religion is raged against because they are the problem or at least a major part.

  2. we'd be so much better off without least that's what the Goddess says..but then she doesn't want to kill people or shut them out if they don't believe in her.


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