Monday, January 04, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is The Top Fundraiser In 2015 Fourth Quarter

Hillary Clinton had a very good fourth quarter in fundraising for her campaign -- raising $37 million. She actually raised $55 million, but $18 million went to the Democratic Party and its down-ballot candidates. The $37 million raised means she has topped her goal of $100 million for the primary campaign (raising a total now of $112 million).

Sanders supporters would like people to believe that most of Clinton's donations came from corporations, but that is simply not true. At least 94% of the donations to her campaign came from donors giving $100 or less. That's a lot of small donors supporting Clinton for the nomination.

Bernie Sanders also had a good fourth quarter -- raising about $33 million for his campaign. He has not raised anything for the Democratic Party or its candidates.

That makes me wonder once again -- is Sanders really a Democrat, or is he just using the Democratic apparatus for his own purposes? If he was to get the nomination and be elected, he would need support from elected Democrats to accomplish anything. Why won't he help the party to do some fundraising?

(Note -- The caricature of Clinton above is by DonkeyHotey.)

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