Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Poem In Support Of Hillary Clinton For President

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The following is a poem written by Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland (who died in a Texas jail after being arrested for a minor traffic offense -- failure to signal a lane change). She used the poem to introduce Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Chicago. She writes:

Now is the time, this is the place,
Now we are ready. Hillary is the face. 
Why am I endorsing this woman to my right? 
Because she has for years continuously put up the fight. 
She seeks to make equal pay for equal work a priority. 
I don’t know about you, but that sure works for me! 
Here’s a woman who has shown time and time again, 
She has the skill, experience and staying power more than 20 years in. 
Yes, there was Benghazi and the infamous email situation. 
While both were stressful, she maintained her poise and dedication. 
Dedicated to seeing mothers who singlehandedly raise babies 
Finally get compensated equal pay in this world that has gone crazy. 
Selfless in sitting down with a room of mourning mothers, 
Who have violently lost their children—both sons and daughters. 
Now this I know to be absolutely true; 
I am one of those who met with her and was able to make it through. 
She has a plan on gun laws that’s like none other. 
Unapologetically she speaks out about the NRA and issues of color. 
Her plan for immigration is to keep families together. 
She’ll end family detention and close private immigration shelters. 
She supports the bipartisan U.S.A. Freedom Act. 
President Obama signed it into law, and she has his back! 
She has fought for quality affordable health care her entire career. 
So she’ll defend the Affordable Care Act and build on the successes of it here. 
She’ll cut taxes for the middle class, raise the minimum wage, and ensure the wealthiest pay their fair share. 
She’ll invest in infrastructure and education. This woman really cares. 
I’ve watched and followed her career, and saw her take hits. 
Yet she still manages to stand here decades later as if it didn’t bother her one bit! 
As Sandra Bland’s mother, I know a little about frustration. 
You have to stand and push through it, even when you want a vacation. 
Like me, she misses the counsel of her late father, who told her always “carry a shovel,” 
So at any given time she could dig herself out of trouble. 
Like me, she lost her dad in 1993. 
His wisdom played a big part in the strength she shows you and me. 
I’ve shared with you just some of Hillary’s views, 
Now it’s up to you to do your research—and vote when you’re through. 
People, we are expecting a new president in nine months. Hillary is that new baby. 
From now until November let’s fiercely support this lady! 

I present to you, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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