Friday, February 19, 2016

Dolores Huerta On Hillary Clinton

For those of you who have been fooled into thinking that Hillary Clinton is not a progressive, Let me introduce you to Dolores Huerta -- co-founder of the United Farm Workers and long-time civil rights activist. Huerta has earned her progressive respect through many years of standing up for the rights of all people, winning the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. And she has endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Huerta says:And of Sanders, she said:

"Throughout her life Hillary has been a strong leader, working for issues that make a difference in every family's life, like education, health care and good paying jobs. I believe she is the best qualified candidate and the one that's ready to put our country back on track." 

"[Clinton] is a strong woman. She has the experience [and] she's been connected with the Latina community for many decades even before she was the secretary of state or when she ran for the presidency the first time."

And of Sanders, she said:

"He really set us back, you might say, a decade by not supporting us on the immigration bill in 2007. His reputation as being a super liberal, many people followed his guide on that. That was just a devastating blow for all of us who were fighting for immigration reform and for immigrants' rights."

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