Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Could Do Very Well On "Super Tuesday"

On Saturday, South Carolina Democrats will vote in their primary -- and all sign point to a good victory for Hillary Clinton in that state. But that's not the only voting coming up very soon. Just three days after South Carolina, about a dozen states will also hold primaries/caucuses (or soon after).

Bernie Sanders is doing well in two of those states -- holding a 7 point edge in Massachusetts, and a 76 point edge in his home state of Vermont.

Oklahoma, where Clinton holds a slim 2 point lead, is too close to call -- and either candidate could win there.

All the other states show Hillary Clinton with a good lead -- 28 points in Alabama, 25 points in Arkansas, 34 points in Georgia, 31 points in Louisiana, 10 points in Michigan, 34 points in Mississippi, 26 points in Tennessee, 23 points in Texas, and 22 points in Virginia.

It is likely that Super-Tuesday will boost Clinton's margin of delegates substantially.

The chart above was made using results from a new Public Policy Polling survey, done between February 14th and 16th. The following shows the number of delegates, the numbers of voters questioned, and the margin of error for each Super-Tuesday state:

Alabama (60) 500 interviews (4.4 point moe)

Arkansas (37) 525 interviews (4.3 point moe)

Georgia (117) 500 interviews (4.4 point moe)

Louisiana (59) 548 interviews (4.2 point moe)

Massachusetts (116) 538 interviews (4.2 point moe)

Michigan (147) 500 interviews (4.4 point moe)

Mississippi (41) 514 interviews (4.3 point moe)

Oklahoma (42) 542 interviews (4.2 point moe)

Tennessee (75) 500 interviews (4.4 point moe)

Texas (251) 514 interviews (4.3 point moe)

Vermont (26) 693 interviews (3.7 moe)

Virginia (109) 500 interviews (4.4 point moe)

NOTE -- Louisiana will actually vote on March 5th (four days after Super-Tuesday), while Michigan and Mississippi will vote on March 8th (7 days later).  Minnesota, Colorado, and American Samoa will also choose their delegates on Super-Tuesday -- but were not included in this poll.

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