Sunday, February 21, 2016

Opinion Gap Between Clinton And Sanders By National Dems

This chart represents the results of a new AP-GfK Poll -- done between February 11th and 15th of a random national sample of 389 Democrats, with a 5.5 point margin of error. On each of the questions, a positive number on the chart shows a gap favoring Clinton, and a negative number shows a gap favoring Sanders. The numbers are arrived at by subtracting the Sanders number from the Clinton number.

Clinton is viewed 10 points better in favorability, 13 points better in being decisive, 15 points better in competence, 10 points better in agreeing with the views of Democrats, and 16 points better in the ability to win in November.

Sanders has better numbers in only one category -- being 9 points better on being honest. I must admit that I simply don't understand this. I know the Republicans have been saying Clinton is dishonest for a couple of decades now, but I can't see why some Democrats have accepted those Republican lies now. What has she been dishonest about? You may not agree with her stand on some issues, but she has not lied about it.

This especially troubles me because her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who's viewed as being more honest, has told lies about Clinton to help his campaign efforts (she's not progressive, she's a tool of Wall Street, she's a war-hawk, etc.). Personally, I believe Sanders is much more dishonest than Clinton.

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