Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Major Newspapers In Texas Endorse Hillary Clinton

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San Antonio Express-News (February 13, 2016) 
“But most important, as first lady, a U.S. senator from New York and secretary of state, Clinton has demonstrated a broader sense of proportion, pragmatism and accomplishment than has Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist. Moreover, all the key issues Sanders says require remedy, from income inequality to Wall Street abuses, are those that Clinton would also target. It is largely a matter of fantasy versus reality. Though, on guns, she has a far better record.”
Houston Chronicle (February 13, 2016) 
“Clinton, 68, was elected twice as senator from New York and served for five years as secretary of state under President Barack Obama. Throughout these roles, and even in her unofficial role as first lady, Clinton has proven herself a steely leader and well-informed policy wonk. If elected, we believe she will continue the balanced priorities of an Obama administration that's overseen steady economic growth, a 5 percent unemployment rate and 17 million people with health insurance who didn't have it before. […] Like on so many issues, Clinton espouses a well-studied energy policy while Sanders aims for the unattainable and undesirable.”
Dallas Morning News (February 13, 2016) 
“She’s better because over her lifetime, Clinton has learned to temper her idealism without losing it. She’s learned to advance her agenda even when it means letting others advance too. She’s cultivated allies. […]  As president, she’d push a mostly liberal agenda, as Sanders would. But her passion for change is leavened by a pragmatism — and a recognition of costs — his lacks. […] But in the half century since she traveled Texas for McGovern, Clinton has shown persistence beyond measure. That has given her time to learn the value of compromise. That’s why she’s the best choice for Democrats.”
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (February 21, 2016)
“In the much more policy-oriented and less personality-conflicted Democratic race, the weight of Clinton's résumé alone should crush Sanders. The Vermont senator can talk about universal health care but Clinton stands alone in having tried valiantly — and unsuccessfully — to achieve it and to have learned from defeat. Her ability to wake up, smell the coffee and work within the confines of the much less ambitious Affordable Care Act should be a plus, not a minus.”
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (February 26, 2016)
“At some point, Sanders’ ideas of forcing radical change in the U.S. financial system and economy must give way to recognition of the full load of responsibilities a president must bear, the variety of challenges and duties that Clinton is uniquely qualified to handle. For the sake of the nation, Democrats must give greater weight to Clinton’s experience for their presidential nominee... Fitting for a public servant of her tenure, Clinton has a long list of sound policy proposals, from aiming for a cure for Alzheimer’s to campaign finance reform, climate change, early education, higher education, the economy, gun violence, immigration, racial justice, Social Security, veterans, workforce skills and more. And, yes, should she gain the Democratic nomination and be elected in November, Clinton would be our first female president. There are better reasons to vote for her, but that one’s cool, too.”  

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