Monday, March 07, 2016

Clinton Should Do Very Well In March 8th Primaries

Democrats in two states will make their presidential choice know tomorrow (March 8th). Michigan has 147 delegates, and 130 of them are up for grabs Tuesday. Mississippi has 41 delegates, and 36 of them will be decided by voters on Tuesday.

This should be a day when Hillary Clinton adds to her already substantial delegate lead -- since she is leading by large margins in both states (and they are primaries -- not caucuses).

Three recent polls are out for Michigan. They are:

American Research Group Poll (March 4-5) 400 likely voters (5.0 point moe).

NBC News / WSJ / Marist Poll (March 1-3) 546 likely voters (4.2 point moe).

CBS News / YouGov Poll (March 2-4) 597 likely voters (7.7 point moe).

They show Clinton with between a lead of between 11 and 24 points.

The chart below shows the results of the last known Mississippi poll. It shows Clinton with a 41 point lead.

Magellan Strategies Poll (February 29) 471 likely voters (4.5 point moe).

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