Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Stand On Helping Disabled Americans

(This photo of Hillary Clinton, from her web site, is by Kat Kane.)

From hillaryclinton.com:

Hillary will: 
  • Realize the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
  • Improve access to meaningful and gainful employment for people with disabilities. 
  • Provide tax relief to help the millions of families caring for aging relatives or family members with chronic illnesses or disabilities.
“We should acknowledge how the disabilities community has played such an important role in changing things for the better in our country.”
HILLARY, JULY 26, 2015
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was a tremendous step forward. It opened educational opportunities to all Americans, expanded transportation, made sure everyone can enter buildings, and ensured that no one would be turned down for a job because of a disability. Hillary is committed to realizing the promise of the ADA and continuing to expand opportunity for all Americans.
Hillary has spent her life fighting for the rights of Americans with disabilities.

  • Hillary’s first job out of law school was with the Children’s Defense Fund, and one of her first tasks was going door to door to figure out why so many children were missing school. She discovered that many parents were not sending their children to school because schools did not accommodate disabilities.
  • The evidence she helped gather was presented to Congress, and built the case for passage of the law that ensures all children with disabilities have access to school.
  • As secretary of state, Hillary worked to build strong support for the United States to join the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. But despite a broad, bipartisan coalition, the Republican-controlled Senate blocked its passage.
  • Now, 25 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Hillary recognizes that there is still much work to do, including improving access to meaningful and gainful employment for people with disabilities. Too many Americans with disabilities continue to be left out of the workforce, and for those who are employed, too many are in under-stimulating jobs that don't fully allow them to use their talents.

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