Thursday, March 24, 2016

Most Republicans Embarrassed By Their Party's Campaign

This chart was made from a new CBS News / New York Times Poll. They questioned 388 likely Democratic voters and 362 likely Republican voters between March 17th and 20th, and the survey has a margin of error of about 6 points.

The poll shows that many Republicans are not happy with how their party's presidential campaign is going. Perhaps, most telling of all is the fact that 60% of Republicans say they are embarrassed by their party's campaign (while only 13% of Democrats say that about their own party's campaign).

And that's not the only troubling number for Republicans. About 88% say their party is divided (while only 33% of Dems say that), only 51% have a favorable opinion of their party (while 82% of Dems like their party), only 51% of Republicans have a favorable view of their frontrunner (while Dems have a 61% favorability), and 58% of Republicans say their party's presidential campaign has been more negative than in the past (while only 9% of Dems say that about their party's campaign).

What do these numbers tell us. I believe it signals that while the Democrats seem ready to unify for the November election, the Republicans are not. They are going to have a lot of trouble unifying behind either Trump or Cruz.


Jonah Goldberg: “Nominating Donald Trump will wreck the Republican Party as we know it. Not nominating Trump will wreck the Republican Party as we know it. The sooner everyone recognizes this fact, the better.”

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