Friday, April 15, 2016

The American Public Doesn't Like Trump Or Cruz

Washington Post / ABC News Poll (April 6-10) 1,010 adults (3.5 point moe)

CBS News Poll (April 8-12) 1,320 adults (3.0 point moe)

The green bars on the chart represents the percentage viewing the candidates favorably, while the red bars show the percentage viewing them unfavorably.

It's bad enough that a significant portion of Trump and Cruz supporters say they won't vote for the other if he gets the nomination, but there is a more pervasive problem facing these two if they get the nomination. The American public just doesn't like them very much. Trump is viewed more negatively than any presidential candidate in the past, and Cruz is viewed nearly as negatively. Both are viewed far more negatively than Mitt Romney was at this time in 2012.

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