Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bernie Supporters Embarrass Themselves In Nevada

(Photo of Nevada police protecting Democratic officials at the state convention from The Blaze.)

Bernie supporters have been claiming they wanted a fair process, but they showed last weekend that is just not true -- they want their candidate, and they really don't care about fairness or party rules.

Hillary Clinton won a slim victory in the Nevada caucuses, and should get a few more delegates out of that state than Bernie Sanders because of that. But the delegates for Sanders weren't happy with that. They decided to strong-arm the convention to get more national delegates for their candidate. They tried to change the party rules, and when voted down, became unruly -- so unruly that the police had to be called, and the hotel where the convention was being held had to shut it down.

They screamed at the officials trying to run the convention (including screaming obscenities), threw chairs, and generally made asses of themselves. And even after the convention was shut down, they continued this ridiculous behavior -- including making death threats to party officials.

This is unacceptable behavior for anyone in the Democratic Party -- regardless of who they support. It makes Democrats, and especially progressives, look bad. It makes us look like the extremists that Republicans claim we are.

If this is indicative of the "new" people that Bernie claims to have brought to the party, then we don't need them. Let them follow through on their threats to stay at home or vote third party on election day. I don't think there are enough of them to make a difference in the November election, but even if there is, this is not the kind of hooligans we want running our party.

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