Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Clinton Rated Better Than Trump On Leadership Qualities

The chart above is from the Gallup Poll. It shows how the public rates both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (the most likely presidential nominees) on 12 important leadership qualities. Note that Clinton is rated higher on 10 of the 12 qualities, and the two are tied on the other two qualities.

The chart doesn't reflect support for a candidate, but one would hope voters would vote for the candidate most qualified to lead the country -- and that would be Hillary Clinton.


  1. I really thought this was a joke headline. You know, like, "Large Majorities Think Giraffes Have Long Necks." I actually find this poll kind of disturbing. More people think Trump is "prepared" and "cares about others"?! Give me a break! If Goethe is right, I am carrying some very dark things in my heart right now. Geez!

  2. Agreed on the disturbing, for some of the same reasons Frank does, but also because the chart is confusing. You really HAVE to look at the original article to understand it, and to see all four remaining candidates compared. The numbers are, simply, so weird as to deserve dismissal. but there are a few interesting points and some jaw-dropping ones. For example, I do see Bernie as the most competitive -- barely -- I certainly don't see why only 21% called Trump the same. And 'emphasizes success' putting Trump last puts the cuckoo in the stopped clock.
    It's a shame, really, because I'd love to quote some of the numbers, especially on Hillary compared to Bernie. (Each shows the % Hillary wins by: Inspiring +18; Courageous +13; Consistent +19; cares about individuals +24 and, most surprising and gratifying of all, Visionary +18 -- but the other numbers, particularly on Trump make so little sense I'd be unable to use the chart in any meaningful way.
    And having written that, I see that, my apologies, Ted, you seem to have entirely missed what the chart answers said. If you look at the heading again, this is not a listing of how the candidates were rated at all. To quote the poll, these numbers represent:

    "Relationship Between Scoring Candidate Highly on Dimension and Likelihood to Vote for Candidate

    % who rate candidate as a "4" or a "5" on dimension who are also very likely to vote for candidate" a completely different matter.

    There have got to be better raw numbers that can be used. And there are, if you click through or go here. These numbers aren't great, and cause some head scratching and headshaking, but they aren't as out of whack as are the numbers you charted. (The numbers you chart show the correlation between the numbers and the likelihood of someone voting for that candidate. Thus only 19% rank Trump highly on caring for individuals, only 27% on being prepared, but of those who do, the numbers you quote are those who would vote for him. And the numbers on consistency -- thank you, Bernie supporters -- for Hillary show only 1/4 call Hillary consistent, but of those that do, 60% will vote for her.

  3. hell I rate higher than Trump


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