Sunday, May 01, 2016

Indiana Democrats Seem To Prefer Clinton Over Sanders

The next state to vote in the Democratic race for the presidential nomination is Indiana. It has 83 delegates that will be allocated next Tuesday (May 3rd). Bernie Sanders is hoping to get back on the winning track in Indiana, but all the polls seem to show Hillary Clinton with a small lead in Indiana.

I think the best that Sanders could do is to split the Indiana delegates with Clinton -- and that wouldn't help him at all. He needs about 80% of those delegates to revive his campaign, and splitting the delegates would do nothing but get Clinton closer to the magic number of 2,383.

The chart above was made from polls listed in RealClearPolitics. They are:

WTHR / Howey Politics Poll (April 18-21) 479 likely voters (4.5 point moe)

Fox News Poll (April 18-21) 603 likely voters (4.0 point moe)

CBS News / YouGov Poll (April 20-22) 439 likely voters (8.2 point moe)

IPFW / Downs Center Poll (April 18-23) 400 likely voters (4.9 point moe)

American Research Group Poll (April 27-28) 400 likely voters (5.0 point moe)

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