Friday, May 06, 2016

Trump Trails Clinton Badly Among Hispanic Voters

In his speech after winning the Indiana primary (and it turns out, the GOP presidential nomination), Donald Trump bragged about how he would win among both Black and Hispanic voters. He is either a bold-faced liar, or has no connection at all with reality. A snowball has a better chance of surviving a summer in the Mojave Desert than Trump has of winning among Black voters -- and two new polls show he does almost that badly with Hispanic voters.

The surveys are the Latino Decisions Poll and the USC / LA Times Poll. The chart above shows the favorability of Donald Trump with Hispanics in both those polls. Only 9% view him favorably, while a whopping 87% view him unfavorably.

And that unfavorably view translates into a huge deficit when paired against Hillary Clinton in the November election. In the Latino Decisions poll, he loses 76% to 11% (a 65 point margin for Clinton), and in the USC / LA Times poll he loses 78% to 13% (also a 65 point margin for Clinton).

He is doing much worse than either John McCain or Mitt Romney did with Hispanics. Both of them wound up with a percentage of Hispanic votes in the low twenties. Trump is doing about half that well.

With the percentage of the Hispanic vote growing in each national election, and the white percentage declining, this does not bode well for Trump.

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