Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Electoral Analogy From Louis C.K.

(Photo of Louis C.K. was found at tvguide.com.)

In a recent interview at Vulture.com, comedian Louis C.K. gave an excellent (and humorous) analogy of the 2016 presidential election. I offer it here for your amusement:

The American government is a very volatile, dangerous mechanism, and Hillary has the most experience with it. It’s like if you were on a plane and you wanted to choose a pilot. 

You have one person, Hillary, who says, “Here’s my license. Here’s all the thousands of flights that I’ve flown. Here’s planes I’ve flown in really difficult situations. I’ve had some good flights and some bad flights, but I’ve been flying for a very long time, and I know exactly how this plane works.” 

Then you’ve got Bernie, who says, “Everyone should get a ride right to their house with this plane.” “Well, how are you going to do that?” “I just think we should. It’s only fair that everyone gets to use the plane equally.” 

And then Trump says, “I’m going to fly so well. You’re not going to believe how good I’m going to fly this plane, and by the way, Hillary never flew a plane in her life.” “She did, and we have pictures.” “No, she never did it.” It’s insane.

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  1. Awesome comparison!!!
    And the "Mr Smith Goes to Washington" Myth is just that a myth that would never work. Bernie, as much as I like his stuff, is a perfect example as there are too many self-hate aholes out there keeping too many hate filled, power mad rePUKEians in power for him to do much. Hillary may not be able to do much but she at least has one thing that really pisses off the rePUKEians...a vagina!!! You know that terrible word that when said gets you kicked out of congress!!!


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