Thursday, June 02, 2016

Fortune 500 CEO's Prefer Clinton Over Trump For President

Fortune magazine sent a presidential survey to the top 500 CEO's in the country. And this may surprise you, but they chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by 58% to 42% -- a 16 point advantage for Clinton. That doesn't mean Clinton is their dream candidate. I think most of them would have preferred a mainstream GOP candidate. But Trump worries them. They all do business in other countries, and Trump's foreign policy (or lack of a coherent foreign policy) has them thinking he would be bad for business.

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  1. Ted, sorry for being pedantic, and, in fact, I think the numbers would have been much higher for Hillary had the responses been greater, but the survey was to the CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies. (Not sure if they are even limited to America. Of them, according t the visible 'fine print,' 71 answered, and 16 refused to answer the question on Presidential choice. It's too late for 'reverse math' but I think that means there were about 30 votes for Hillary and 25 for Trump. Not quite as strong as the numbers would hae been if they'd felt free to answer.


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