Thursday, July 21, 2016

6% To 10% Of American Voters Are Willing To Vote For An Unqualified Presidential Candidate This Year

The chart above was made using results of CNN and Washington Post polls, and a YouGov Poll. And they show a rather remarkable and frightening thing. Between 6% and 10% of the voting public is willing to vote for Donald Trump, even though they admit he is not qualified to be president of this nation.

I simply don't understand that. I could never vote for a candidate I didn't believe was qualified to hold they office they are running for (especially president) -- and that would be true even if that person was running as a Democrat. In fact, I've voted 3rd party before to avoid voting for a Democrat I felt was unqualified.

How can these voters vote for Donald Trump, knowing he is not qualified? Do they not care what happens to this country?

NOTE -- The opposite is true for Hillary Clinton. A higher percentage say she is qualified than currently support her -- in all three polls.

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