Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Says His Supporters Should Assassinate Clinton

Donald Trump has spent most of this political campaign trying to prove he is unfit to serve as this nation's president. He has called Mexican immigrants rapists and killers, has said muslims should be banned from entering this country, has said a U.S. judge cannot be fair because of his Mexican heritage, has expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein, has suggested he would not defend our NATO allies, has asked why he couldn't use nuclear weapons, has called for massive new tax cuts for the rich and corporations, and has attacked a Gold Star family.

Personally, I think any one of the above gaffes should make him ineligible to become our president. But now he has done even worse. He has called for his "second amendment" supporters to assassinate his opponent, Hillary Clinton, if she is elected. That is not just over the line for a political candidate, it is immoral, undemocratic, and against the law.

If you or I were to say such an outrageous thing, we would be trying to explain to federal law enforcement officials why we shouldn't be arrested, charged, and put in prison for threatening the life of a president. But I doubt anything will happen to Trump. While law enforcement officials acknowledge they are aware of his threat to Hillary Clinton, I think they'll be afraid to look like they are interfering with a presidential election -- so will likely do nothing.

Here are some twitter responses to his statement from the Secret Service and some Democrats:

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