Monday, September 26, 2016

1/3 Of Voters Say Debates Important To Decide Their Vote

This chart blew me away. I thought, as most polls have reported, that the number of undecided voters was below 15%. This Wall Street Journal / NBC News Poll suggests that about 34% of the population says how the candidates do in the debates will determine how they might vote. Could this really be true? Could a third of all voters still be trying to make up their mind between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Or are they just saying that to make themselves seem more thoughtful and unbiased?

Personally, I don't understand why the whole country isn't rising up in opposition to the disaster that is Donald Trump. Isn't it already obvious who the best candidate is?


  1. in other words, most people already know who they are voting for and the debates don't matter.

  2. The polls are scary lately. But I do wonder if people are having "poll exhaustion". I know I have resorted to my auto-junk file button because I get a dozen polls sent to me a day - usually with insultingly stupid titles like "Whaaat? Are YOU really voting for Trump; what kind of democrat ARE you?" I paraphrase, of course. But that is the stupid, condescending gist of it. So I ignore polls.


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