Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton Respects (And Will Help) American Workers

(Photo of Hillary Clinton with union workers is from hillaryclinton.com.)

While the U.S. government doesn't respect American workers (especially the Republicans in government), Hillary Clinton does -- and she has a plan to help those workers. If elected, Hillary Clinton will:

  • Invest in good-paying jobs. In her first 100 days as president, Hillary will work with both parties to make bold investments in infrastructuremanufacturing, research and technology, clean energy, and small businesses. This will create millions of good-paying jobs, including for labor and other hard-working Americans across the country.
  • Restore collective bargaining rights for unions and defend against partisan attacks on workers’ rights. Hillary was an original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act. Hillary will fight to strengthen the labor movement and to protect worker bargaining power. She will continue to stand up against attacks on collective bargaining and work to strengthen workers’ voices.
  • Prevent countries like China from abusing global trade rules, and reject trade agreements, like the TPP, that don’t meet high standards. Hillary will strengthen American trade enforcement so we stand up to foreign countries that aren’t playing by the rules—like China is doing right now with steel, and fight for American workers. She will say no to trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, that do not meet her high standard of raising wages, creating good-paying jobs, and enhancing our national security.
  • Raise the minimum wage and strengthen overtime rules. Hillary will work to raise the federal minimum wage to $12, and support state and local efforts to go even higher—including the “Fight for $15.” She also supports the Obama administration’s expansion of overtime rules to millions more workers.
  • Invest in high-quality training, apprenticeships, and skill-building for workers.Read the fact sheet here.
  • Encourage companies to invest in workers. Hillary will reward companies that share profits and invest in their workers. She will crack down on companies that move profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes and she will make companies that export jobs give back the tax breaks they’ve received in America.
  • Protect workers from exploitation, including employer misclassification, wage theft, and other forms of exploitation.
  • Ensure policies meet the challenges families face in the 21st century economy.Hillary will fight for equal pay for women and guarantee paid leave, two changes that are long overdue. And she will provide relief from the rising costs of necessities like child care and housing.
  • Protect retirement security. After working hard for decades, Americans deserve a secure and comfortable retirement. Hillary will fight to protect retirement security, enhance—not privatize—Social Security, and push back against any efforts to undermine retirement benefits.

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