Sunday, September 04, 2016

Hispanics Are Still Solidly Behind Hillary Clinton

The charts above reflect the results of a new America's Voice / Latino Decisions Poll. It is the largest poll of Hispanics I have seen this year, with 3,279 Hispanic registered voters being questioned. Because of the large sample, the poll has a margin of error of only 1.6 points. It was done between August 19th and 30th.

As other polls of Hispanic voters have shown, Hillary Clinton has a huge lead (70% to 19%). That is a 51 point advantage. Unsurprisingly, considering Trump's demonization of Mexico and immigrants, Trump is doing worse among Hispanics than any recent Republican candidate. Bush, McCain, and Romney all got significantly higher percentages of the Hispanic vote.

Evidently, Trump thinks he can win the presidency if he can just get enough Whites to vote for him. His percentage of the Black vote is negligible, and after he doubled down on his defamation of immigrants in the last few days, it isn't likely that his percentage of the Hispanic vote will rise. Add that to his deficits among women and the young, and the election is not looking too good for Trump.

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