Thursday, September 01, 2016

Most People Don't Trust Trump With Nuclear Weapons

This would be a moot question in most presidential elections. While Democrats and Republicans disagree on many issues, sometimes substantially, there is no doubt that the presidential candidates of both parties have understood that the use of nuclear weapons is unthinkable -- especially the unilateral use of those weapons.

But 2016 is a very different election year. That's because the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has questioned why nuclear weapons couldn't be used -- and in fact, has said he would consider using them. He doesn't seem to realize that could kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, make many new enemies for this country, and make the world a much more dangerous place.

That makes it a valid question to ask -- Do you trust Donald Trump with nuclear weapons? And a recent poll asked national respondents that question. What they found was that a majority of voters (53%) do NOT trust Trump with nuclear weapons. Only 39% said they would be comfortable with Trump's finger on the nuclear button.

The survey was done by Public Policy Polling between August 26th and 28th of a random national sample of 881 likely voters, with a margin of error of 3.3 points.

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