Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump Is Afraid Of A Real Debate With Hillary Clinton

(Caricature of Donald Trump is by DonkeyHotey.)

Recently, there has been talk that Donald Trump would skip the presidential debates. I didn't it seriously, because skipping the debates would just tell American voters that he is a coward -- that he is afraid of debating Hillary Clinton.

But it now looks like Trump really is afraid of debating Clinton. He is afraid that he'll be asked some hard questions that he can't answer, or will be called out on his many lies.

After the commander-in-chief forum, Trump read the reviews like the rest of us -- the reviews that accused interviewer Matt Lauer of grilling Clinton and tossing softball questions to Trump. Now he's afraid that moderators of the debates won't let him get away with dodging questions by telling outrageous lies.

He is saying now that the debates are rigged, and wants to eliminate the moderators. He wants a free-for-all, where he can boast, bully, and lie his way thru the "debate". He wants to be able to cover up his incompetence and lack of knowledge with bluster and bragging (which he has been good at throughout his campaign).

Having a debate with no moderator is a ludicrous suggestion, and it won't happen. The question now is what will happen when he doesn't get his way. Will he refuse to debate? I think that would be a mistake, but Trump is unpredictable and has done things that have shocked us before.

Only one thing is sure right now -- Trump is afraid to debate Hillary Clinton. He knows he'll be exposed for the poser that he is.

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