Thursday, September 01, 2016

Wisconsin Is Trending Democratic This Year

Two news polls have been taken recently of voters in Wisconsin. And they both show Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump in that state -- by 3 points in one poll and by 5 points in the other (top chart).

The Senate race looks even better for Democrats.  Former Senator Russ Fiengold is leading current Senator Ron Johnson in both polls. Feingold lost the seat to Johnson in 2010 -- when teabaggers flocked to the polls on election day, and too many Democrats stayed at home (because it was an off-year election).

But this is an election year, and the outcome looks to be very different. Feingold is leading by 3 points in one poll and by 13 points in the other. This senate seat is almost sure to flip this year.

The presidential and senate polls are from RealClearPolitics, and they are:

Monmouth University Poll -- 8/27-30, 404 likely voters (4.9 point moe)

Marquette University Poll -- 8/25-28, 650 likely voters (5 point moe)

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