Friday, October 21, 2016

Second Poll Shows Clinton Thrashed Trump In 3rd Debate

Yesterday, showed you the CNN/ORC Poll showing Hillary Clinton won the final presidential debate by a 13 point margin (52% to 39%). Now another poll is showing a similar result. The YouGov Poll -- done immediately after the debate of a random national sample of 1,503 debate watchers, with a 3.6 point margin of error -- has Clinton winning by a 10 point margin (49% to 39%).

And it's not just the overall impression that favored Clinton. The poll also questioned respondents about the candidates debate performance in four areas. While Trump bested Clinton by 4 points in showing passion and conviction, Clinton easily topped Trump in the other three areas -- She had a 29 point better margin in policy knowledge, a 14 point margin in giving clear answers, and a 19 point margin in acting presidential.

In short, Clinton took Trump behind the woodshed Wednesday night, and gave him the thrashing of his life. She calmly and efficiently laid trap after trap for Trump, and he fell into every one of them. The narcissistic GOP candidate is incapable of controlling himself.

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