Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Donald Trump Is Still Thin-Skinned And A Liar

The tweets above are from Donald Trump. They are in response to the recount in about three states and the fact that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by more than 2.2 million votes. The top one was tweeted about 2:30pm on Sunday, and then four hours later he tweeted the bottom one.

In those tweets, he claims that millions of people voted illegally in the presidential election, and particularly accuses three states of allowing illegal voting -- Virginia, New Hampshire, and California. Of course, he had no evidence of any illegal voting in those states or anywhere else in the United States -- and no one expects him to be able to find any evidence in the future.

The truth is that out of the more than 126 million votes cast nationwide, only one case of illegal voting has been uncovered -- and that was a Trump supporter who voted twice. Terri Lynn Rote, a 55 year old Des Moines resident, had already voted when she voted a second time. She said she was afraid her first vote had flipped over to Clinton, so she voted again claiming the election "was rigged" (a charge made many times during the campaign by Trump). She was arrested and charged with a class D felony -- proving how difficult it is to vote illegally in the United States.

Trump's charge of millions of illegal votes being cast is rather unusual for a candidate that won the election. Is he calling into question his own election victory? That's certainly what it looks like -- and it makes me question his sanity. It simply makes no sense for the winner of any election to make spurious charges that could cause an investigation of the process that got him elected.

But whether his accusations are taken seriously or not, they do show us two things about his personality. The first is that he's still the same thin-skinned person that he was in the campaign. He cannot stand to be criticized in any way, and when he is, he will strike back (regardless of whether he has any information to back his claims or not). This is scary. What kind of trouble is he going to get this country in when a foreign leader criticizes him?

The second is that he is still a huge LIAR! He lied incessantly during his campaign, and these tweets show he is continuing that during his transition period. Why should anyone believe he will stop the lying once sworn in as president? He won't. Donald Trump is the most dishonest person ever elected president. He will lie even when the lie is obvious and the facts show him to be lying. He doesn't care. His narcissistic personality will not allow him to ever back down or admit he is wrong, and his only reaction to being criticized is to attack the person doing it with outrageous lies.

For the next four years (and let us hope it is only four years), we will have a president who cannot be trusted. Every word that comes out of his mouth must be verified before it can be believed.

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