Saturday, November 12, 2016

Racists Have Been Energized By The 2016 Election Outcome

The top image is from a North Carolina KKK website. They are thrilled that Donald Trump has been elected president, because they see him as a kindred spirit. On December 3rd, they are planning a march to celebrate Trump's victory.

The bottom image is a flyer that was surreptitiously distributed on the campus of Texas State University. The threat it suggests is currently being investigated by Texas police.

Trump has said he wants to be the president of all Americans. No one believes that -- not even his supporters. Any effort by Trump to unify the country would be a repudiation of most of his campaign promises.

After the civil rights laws of the 1960's were passed, many of the country's racists went underground. It was obvious that the country did not want their particular brand of perversion, and they knew it. But the election of President Obama brought them back out from under their rocks. They were angry that the country had elected a black man to be president, and they made that anger known.

Now, with the election of Trump, those racists feel their sick views have been validated by the American public. They are wrong, but that's what they believe. And it's hard to blame them for believing that, since Trump's campaign was an appeal to whites that their world has been changed because of minorities, homosexuals, feminists, and non-christian religions.

Now the racists, feeling validated, will be bolder than ever. They will spread their hate more openly throughout the country, and the racial problems in this country will grow much worse.

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